Revolutionizing User Experience: Cogni's New Design

Mar 22, 2024

At Cogni, we've always put our users at the forefront of our journey. Your feedback and insights have been the cornerstone of our growth. We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone in this ongoing evolution – the launch of our revamped user interface, tailored to redefine your banking and digital wallet experiences.

Driven by customer feedback and comprehensive user research, our team meticulously crafted a new design to ensure a seamless and intuitive journey within the Cogni app. The highlight of this update is our brand new homepage, serving as the central hub for all of Cogni's offerings. Streamlined, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, it's designed to simplify navigation and ensure easy access to all our features.

The banking features received a significant facelift. You'll notice a seamless transition between various banking functions, allowing you to manage your finances with greater ease and speed.

Our focus on enhancing the Web 3 wallet features reflects our commitment to innovation and security. We've introduced an array of features to manage your digital assets more effectively. With these updates, users can expect a secure and simplified experience while navigating through their digital wallet.

The entire interface is designed with a 'smart, simple, and safe' ethos. With native user interface components tailored for both iOS and Android platforms, the experience is uniform and seamless regardless of the device you use. We understand the importance of a consistent experience and have ensured that every interaction with Cogni feels natural and intuitive.

Users will be able to witness these updates in various sections of the app:

  • The Homepage: A redesigned central hub with easy access to all features.

  • Banking: Streamlined designs to facilitate smoother financial transactions.

  • Wallet: Enhanced Web 3 features for secure digital asset management.

This design overhaul marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing the best possible user experience. Your involvement and feedback have been invaluable in steering this transformation.

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