Secure Your Transactions with Cogni's Single-Use Cards

Jul 3, 2024

Secure Your Transactions with Cogni's Single-Use Cards
Secure Your Transactions with Cogni's Single-Use Cards

Whether you're shopping online, subscribing to services, or booking travel, the risk of fraud and data breaches can make any transaction feel like a gamble. That's where Cogni's single-use cards come in.

Designed with your security and convenience in mind, these innovative cards offer a simple yet powerful solution to protect your personal and financial information.

Let's dive into what makes Cogni's single-use cards a game-changer and how they can transform the way you manage your transactions.

What are Single-Use Cards?

Single-use cards, also known as disposable cards, are designed for one-time transactions. Each time you create a single-use card, it will have a unique card number, ensuring your primary card details remain secure. After the first usage, the card will be closed, or it will expire after 30 days if unused. This feature makes them an excellent choice for situations where security and privacy are paramount.

Why Cogni's Single-Use Cards are a Game-Changer

  • Enhanced Security: Each single-use card is generated with a unique card number, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

  • Convenience: Easy to create and use, single-use cards fit seamlessly into your daily financial activities.

  • Privacy Protection: These cards are perfect for transactions where you are concerned about the security of your card details.

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for online shopping, subscriptions, and any scenario where you prefer not to use your primary card.

Common Uses for Single-Use Cards

Single-use cards can be used in various scenarios, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind:

  • Online Shopping: Safeguard your card information during online transactions.

  • Subscription Services: Manage and control payments for subscription services.

  • One-Time Purchases: Ideal for purchases from unfamiliar vendors or websites.

  • Travel Bookings: Securely book flights, hotels, and other travel services.

How to Access Your Cogni Single-Use Card

Accessing and using your Cogni single-use card is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Banking’ tab in the navigation bar inside the Cogni Mobile Application.

  2. Click on ‘Cards’.

  3. Swipe right to see your ‘Single-Use Card’.

  4. Click on the eye button on the card to see your card details.

Ready to Secure Your Transactions?

If you're concerned about the security of a transaction, don't hesitate to use your Cogni Single-Use Card. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial information is protected with each unique, disposable card.

Start using your single-use card today and take control of your financial security.

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